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Peak to Peak - Storm

Peak to Peak - Storm

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Design by WillowCahill (Blackfeet and Shoshone-Bannock)

Willow's description: "The Peak to Peak design is reminiscent of living along what we Blackfeet reference as the backbone of the world or more commonly known as the Rocky Mountains. The mountains are endless and so is the night sky and the stars that illuminate it. The symbol for stars can remincess a cross but they are in reference to the night time stars. The Buffalo tracks along the sides are to honor the presence of linni (buffalo) in that space."

Bringing forth fusion of heritage and contemporary craftsmanship. Embodying the essence of slow fashion, WillowCahill stands as a beacon of small, indigenous, woman-led businesses. Every art design originates from a digital canvas, intricately transferred onto practical art pieces. 

Material: 100% EnduraStran (tm) Nylon

All rugs are made to order expect 2-4 weeks for production

Rug Care & Information

  • Spot clean with mild detergent
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