About WillowCahill (Blackfeet and Shoshone-Bannock) 


Oki, l'm WillowCahill, the force behind a brand deeply entwined with the rich cultural tapestry of my Blackfeet and Shoshone-Bannock roots. Through my vision, I bring forth a fusion of heritage and contemporary craftsmanship.

Embodying the essence of slow fashion, WillowCahill stands as a beacon of small, indigenous, woman-led businesses. These creations (bags) not only elevate your style but also embody a narrative woven with cultural significance. Every art design originates from a digital canvas, intricately transferred onto each bag.

More than mere accessories, WillowCahill's leather bags are a manifestation of functional art designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. I express gratitude for the connection formed between creator and consumer. WillowCahill is more than a brand; it is my artistic expression, and my website serves as the vibrant avenue through which I share my diverse art forms with the world. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Niisitsinituhk (Thank You)


Sacred Ground Collection

My Inspiration Behind the Rugs

Peak To Peak

The Peak to Peak design is reminiscent of living along what we Blackfeet reference as the backbone of the world or more commonly known as the Rocky Mountains. The mountains are endless and so is the night sky and the stars that illuminate it. The symbol for stars can reminisces a cross but they are in reference to the night time stars. The Buffalo tracks along the sides are to honor the presence of linni (buffalo) in that space.

Plains Speak

Triangles and sharp points are highly used in Blackfoot style art and in the horse design, sharp zigzags are mimicking lighting and thunder. You don't see thunder but the U shaped claw is a reminder that the thunder always follows lightning and they are always welcome on the plains.


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