Rande Cook

About Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw)

Rande Cook Kwakwaka’wakw

Born in culture-rich Alert Bay BC, Canada, Cook was surrounded by the beauty of the land and groomed by the strong teachings of his grandparents. He observed and discussed the traditional art forms with his grandfather. Through his grandparents, Cook learned about the values of life and culture. His mediums are wood, acrylics, gouache, canvas, glass, and metals. Cook studies began with learning from several master craftsmen in multiple mediums which lead to his 25 years of accumulated work experience. 

Rande Cook explores and combines traditional and contemporary styles, and in doing so creates his own unique approach to Indigenous contemporary art. Incorporating science, culture, and his genuine passion for the well-being of Mother Earth, Cook examines the current world we live in while preserving ancestral stories through new mediums and materials. Rande Cook is known for his own signature style and for pushing boundaries in pursuit of continual growth.


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